‘ACTION STATIONS!’ Strategic Vision – 2021 and Beyond…

Our underlying reason for existence 
We provide finance and resources to support Christian College Geelong (CCG) 
Our specific aims 
To provide a CCG education to as many students as possible
To ensure the long-term viability of CCG
To assist families experiencing disadvantage and hardship
To fund new initiatives which enhance the educational programs and opportunities offered by CCG 
Our environment and demonstrated behaviours 
We will build a giving culture through Faith, Prayer, Generosity, Focus, Commitment, Unity, Authenticity, Compassion, Creativity, Honesty, Enthusiasm and Excellence   
 Our guiding and shaping principles
In line with the stated values of CCG; Faith, Hope, Truth, Grace, and Love 
Our immediate focus  
We see the provision of a CCG education to as many students as possible happening because of Action! Action through People; Action through Programs; and Action through Possibilities.